Storm Warning Interview

Jonathan chats with Candice McKechnie – Meteorologist at  eNCA about the current storm warning that has been put out regarding the severe storm that has been forecast to reach us tonight at 22h00. read more

Pray For South Africa

Rev Jannie Pelser, orgniser of the National Prayer Initiative, chats with Jonathan Haller about Pray SA and how we need to continue praying for our nation. read more

You Can Quit Smoking

Dr Neville Wellington chats about the possibilities offered to people in order to help them quit smoking. He reminds us that God is the ultimate help for any addiction. read more

Delivered and Saved From Cocaine

Thomas Webb shares how he was delivered and saved from cocaine to a full life in Christ. Thomas Webb’s poem Temptation overcome A cool rushes over me like the beginning of night What is happening is wrong but the sensation feels so right An endless fall from an... read more

Bitterness Turned to Sweetness

Theo Kay shares how God healed him – ‘Jehovah Nissi’ means ‘Bitterness turned into Sweetness’ and that’s an encouragement to our country coming from Theo. read more

Our Missing Children

Jonathan chats with Minister of Social Development Albert Fritz about our missing children in the Western Cape. read more