Enabled By God’s Grace

Putting the blame on others only just made Marriet realise how much she was blaming herself for her unhappiness. God’s grace enabled Marriet to look beyond her sin and see His love. read more

Beauty from Ashes

Randall shares his story of how they had to eat dry bread with sugar water just to go to school in the mornings” “I always had this thought in my mind that I don’t want to live anymore” lost everything; bullied; depression; suicidal; hope;... read more

Disaster and Tragedy Turns to Hope

“When I was 8 years old, disaster and tragedy struck our house” parents divorced; infidelity; financial strains; absent father; mother’s faith; missionary; the call of God; theology student read more

God’s Plan for Despair

Ingrid Hartog shares “Sometime you’re in a place of despair and you don’t see a way out, but God has a plan…” read more

Listening to God’s Voice

“I was at a point in my life where God was calling me to do something else, but I kept on questioning and asking… instead of listening to that voice inside of me– what God is telling me to do” read more

Victory After Abuse

“I think the worse abuse was at the time when I was nearly shot by my husband” Are the words of Joslyn Davids as she tells her story of hope. read more

Great Gospel Night Out – Rouchelle Liedemann

Artist interview with Rouchelle Liedemann who will be performing at the Great Gospel Night Out. She shares about her upbringing, family, relationship with God, impact of granny’s death and being ill, encountering God during illness. read more

Struggling with Illness

Candice Murison was struggling with a terrible illness. She was introduced to Jesus as her Lord & Saviour by her Uncle. Then lost her unborn child & her husband divorced her. – Life couldn’t get any worse – but it did. She had to move back to... read more

A Radical Encounter With God

Dale Jackson used to be Jewish and involved in yoga and new age but then encountered God radically. He servs in church these days, running a ministry for the homeless at the Haven night shelter. read more