Great Gospel Night Out – Rouchelle Liedemann

Artist interview with Rouchelle Liedemann who will be performing at the Great Gospel Night Out. She shares about her upbringing, family, relationship with God, impact of granny’s death and being ill, encountering God during illness. read more

Struggling with Illness

Candice Murison was struggling with a terrible illness. She was introduced to Jesus as her Lord & Saviour by her Uncle. Then lost her unborn child & her husband divorced her. – Life couldn’t get any worse – but it did. She had to move back to... read more

A Radical Encounter With God

Dale Jackson used to be Jewish and involved in yoga and new age but then encountered God radically. He servs in church these days, running a ministry for the homeless at the Haven night shelter. read more

Hijacked By Jesus

Steve Sam shares his journey of being someone who was a hijacker to being a teacher of identity to young people. read more

A Radical Rescue

Marvin Matthews shares about how God radically rescued him from a life of drug addiction. read more

Inspired By Loss

Bronwyn Newman  lost her 14-year-old son to suicide. This inspired her to take his name, Rayl, and start an organisation to rescue young lives. Rescue A Young Life – RAYL read more

Sanctification is a Process

Khululekani (Khula) Nyobole shares with us God has led along a path of sanctification and how this is a process and not an instant change. read more