Persevering Through Shame and Pain

For a girl who comes from Mitchell’s Plain and had a child out of wedlock, Jenay could have never fathomed that trusting in God wholeheartedly meant a complete transformation. This transformation feels so close to a fairytale that Jenay remains in awe of God’s... read more

Overcoming Hardship

Planted deep in the heart of a fatherless, poor and shame-laden boy was a God-given vigor and passion to succeed and bring the kingdom to earth. This is his testimony of overcoming hardship and pressing on in faith. read more

Benson’s Greatest Challenge

Learning to translate the promises of God from a way of life to what is life-giving. This was Benson’s greatest challenge growing up in a Christian home, having given his heart to Jesus at a very young age. Benson’s story encourages us to hold on through all the... read more

The Dark Side of Social Media

Natasha’s story is a warning to all about the dark side to social media, and sends a strong message to parents who have children who use social media. This is her testimony of journeying with her daughter through the shame and consequences of cyber... read more

Kept By the Hand of God

Jacques has had to learn to trust God’s love, even after walking in sin, and believe that he is forgiven and has been given new life. This road has not been easy, but today he can look back and see how God’s hand has kept him in faith and... read more

Atheist to Pastor

Clint Kimble, an ex-atheist and a pastor, shares his story of how God changed his life forever: Granny, girl and God. read more

Beauty From Ashes

Greg shares how God brought him out of a  life of crime into His Kingdom. Greg said that when Jesus came into my life everything changed… Jesus turned my ashes to beauty. read more

From Terror to a Testimony

A lot of Mary’s life is one blurred terror. Memories of immense abuse, attempted suicide and a loss of a son haunted Mary until she took the step to forgive and release the hurts of her past. This is Mary’s powerful testimony of... read more

Tim Noakes on the Inquiry Appeal

Prof Tim Noakes chats to Jonathan about the HPCSA appeal on his not guilty finding from April 2017. He gives the latest on how the appeal is going and what their team is doing. read more

Finding Consolation in God

After a life where everything counted in Brandon’s favour, the tragedy of his parents’ divorce changed everything for him. His heartbrokenness led to him finding consolation in everything but God. An encounter with God quickly changed the trajectory of Brandon’s... read more