When God Heals He Heals Completely

Julian Goldswain shares his testimony of how God healed him from mental illness. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and doctors said he would never be normal, have a job or a family. But God had other ideas and delivered him completely. He has been off all medication... read more

Saved for a Purpose

Diego Paulse 11 years old. At 2 days old I went into a coma due to very low  blood sugar levels but God saved him because he had a purpose for  his life. Today he serves God to the best of his ability and plays the violin and sings in the choir to praise God for... read more

CCFm Chats with Bypass Director About Fake News

Shane Vermooten, director of soon to be released medical thriller Bypass, chats to the breakfast team about the movie and their unique use of fake news to promote organ donation in South Africa. https://www.bypassmovie.com/... read more

God’s Grace is Sufficient

Mother of three, Linda Mouton, was told that after having brain seizures and a stent inserted, she would never be a mother. God has healed her completely! read more

An Adoption Miracle

Angie Hausner shares their adoption journey of God’s grace and provision of two beautiful children, Zoe and... read more