Prison Brings Hope to John

Being locked up in the house for about 4 days with no food and alone, something changed in 10-year-old, John Lawson. His rescue led him back to the UK and into one of the toughest neighbourhoods. Learning the only way to gain respect is by putting up a good fight,... read more

God’s Healing Hand

A flat tyre led John to a nearby petrol station where he was approached by an SUV with 10 men. They attacked him and stole his car. John was hospitalised and told he will never speak or walk again. The very fact that John can come and share his story on air is... read more

Cancer Bowed to the King

What do you know to be the truth? The truth that I know is the finished work of the cross.’ Carol’s story is a story of how cancer bowed to King Jesus. read more

Diagnosed With a Rare Disease

After being diagnosed with a rare disease, Donovan thought that there is no way out and grew angry at God. Through those he surounded himself with, his faith increased and God proved His healing power and love once again read more

Healing Was a Journey

November marks 4 years since Edgar found himself institutionalised for anxiety and depression. Healing was a journey for Edgar, and not a miraculous transformation as is for some, and that journey started when he accepted Jesus to be Lord of His life. From months of... read more

Growing Up Hindu

Growing up in a Hindu household, Christianity was taboo and never spoken of. However, as a young married man, Jay had a dream that marked his life forever. His journey, since, brought hardship and heartache, but it does not compare to what Jay has gained– a... read more

Understanding the Love of God

The account of a tragic accident led Nina into a life of tormenting fear that was fed through contemplating suicide. The experience of accepting and receiving Jesus as Lord of her life stilled every fear and question of who the real God was. Understanding the Love of... read more

God Has a Plan For My Life

“Being broken down by verbal abuse as a child, Richard looked to cocaine as a coping mechanism. After trying to stop, he thought the only way out was to take his own life. Three attempts at shooting himself and a 14g drug overdose later, he realised that God loves him... read more

Canadian Faith in Action

An unlikely pairing brought the Fast family together, and to the Cape Town shores. Their faith and passion continues to bless the residents of Philippi, and Cape Town at large. Mike and Mary-Eve share about their experiences as missionaries with Hope Africa.... read more

Nico Kleynhans on Gigaba’s Mid-Term Speech

Nico Kleynhans our astute financial commentator reviews yesterday’s parliamentary mid-term speech by Finance Minister Gigaba and give his interpretation of the impact it will make on our country and economy. read more

God Speaks to 8 Year-Olds

After reading about orphans in the bible, 8 year old Raphael felt God speak to him about reaching out to orphans. This led to him doing all he can to campaign for an orphanage in the local township of Barcelona, and get as many people on board to help these orphans... read more

A Deep Identity Crisis

  “Church-hurt caused a deep identity crisis for James, and just starting university never aided his disillusionment. God’s grace and love toward James stopped him in his tracks before James made what could have been the biggest mistake of his... read more

God’s Faithfulness Beats Persecution

“An encounter with God changed Marlene’s entire life. However, the deep work He did in her life brought great persecution, but His faithfulness topped persecution with favour.” read more

Spanking is Now Assault

Advocate Nadene Badenhorst gives us the latest on the spanking issue. The Johannesburg High Court has now effectively made spanking of children by parents a criminal offence. she gives us the legal breakdown on this case.   read more

A Robbery Changed Everything

“Being held up at gunpoint by his best friend changed everything for Glenn. But the opportunity to walk away from the bounds of gang life released him into God’s perfect plan, that would help Glenn help others who are trapped just as he once was”  ... read more

A Life Out of Control

“Because of his mom’s choice of work, Cedric was bullied and taunted, while all he wanted was to find belonging in a family. His childhood best friend met this desire, and Cedric’s life spiralled out of control. He found himself part of the biggest drug dealing... read more

Caring for People

Michelle Hill of the Eikehof Home where she is the Care Home Co-Ordinator talks to Jonathan about the work she does. read more