Thomas Webb shares how he was delivered and saved from cocaine to a full life in Christ.

Thomas Webb’s poem

Temptation overcome
A cool rushes over me like the beginning of night
What is happening is wrong but the sensation feels so right
An endless fall from an endless height
Grace? Peace? Fear? No but a rush of might

The voices of false power echoing in my brain
The flow of their empty promises in my every vein
Their persuasive evil coursing through my every membrane
Their comforting words that will make me go insane

With images of false glory they cloud my sight
they make evil feel so right
My body begins to overheat by its core
As the two forces within me begin to wage war

With everything that I am I begin to fight
But the force withdraws from sight
They withdraw to the blackness of night
Awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike
Father… Keep me close hold me tight

For as it is written darkness cannot be present in light
Your Son died for us and declared it done
Father… Deliver us from the evil one

Temptation may come but I will persevere
So that my path to heaven may stay clear

You have promised me an eternity of peace instead
You saved me whom can I fear, who shall I dread?
You freed me from bondage and by your righteousness I’ve been led
When the books of life are opened by your grace and mercy my name will be read