The Big White Prayer Tent has become an important feature of the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC), providing new believers with an opportunity to pray a prayer of salvation together with a counsellor, be baptised in water, and be baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Prayer and counselling for conflict in the family, healing from illness, and release from addictions is also provided in the tent, according to Lance Walton, KMMC coordinator of activities in the prayer tent.

“The services offered in the Big White Prayer Tent help to confirm men’s spiritual experience at KMMC and encourage them to make a commitment.

“Each year the prayer tent has grown in size to accommodate the growth in the number of men seeking prayer and counseling.

Altar call
“Last year between 1 000 and 3 000 men accepted an altar call to salvation on the first night of the conference. They overflowed from the 14-metre-by-40-metre tent.

“This year the tent is a whopping 15-metres-by-50-metres and has an all-aluminum frame without pegs and poles, providing even more space,” says Walton who has a team of between 65 and 70 counsellors serving with him.

He says the team of counsellors to serve the men is large, because so many men are lost, sickly, lonely, oppressed, depressed, dependent on drugs, alcohol or pornography, and are either in need of deliverance or prayer.

“We are faced with men who have many needs from financial to overcoming family conflict and deliverance from demonic spirits,” says Walton.

“We have a team of 15 men who will focus on deliverance.

“Many men haven’t a clue of where to look for love — they only see darkness, so the team is called on to reach out in prayer to the men and their needs.”