Cape Community FM , or CCfm as it is commonly known, is a community radio station based on Christian values. It can be found at 105.5fm within the Cape Town metropolitan area, and on 96.7fm in the Fish Hoek valley and Southern Peninsula.

For the past 22 years CCfm has been committed to serving the greater Cape Town community in general, as well as the Christian community in particular.

With a stated mission of “Changing lives for good”, CCfm spreads a message of hope seeking to uplift and bring positive life changing content to the people of Cape Town. It aims to provide an interactive service with a high level of local content in both talk and music format. In order to achieve this, it seeks to broadcast to the greater Cape Town through the presentation of music, local news, views and opinions. It furthermore hopes to encourage contributions and involvement from as many members of the community as possible – from schools, clubs, churches, societies and commerce. Whilst CCfm broadcasts mainly in English, its Afrikaans and Xhosa programmes are also very popular with listeners. It is committed to developing and maintaining an active, dynamic care system through telephone support and follow-up procedures.

The station dates back to 1993 and will celebrate its 23rd Anniversary this year. Notable highlights and achievements over the course of 2015 included a successful Keep-A-Child-Warm This Winter Blanket Drive, in which over R90 000 worth of blankets were donated to the communities that needed them the most. A community breakfast held at the Mowbray Protea Hotel to commerate Mandela Day in July 2015 attracted close 200 listeners. Many of the radio programmes garner dedicated support from listeners, most notable of which is the early morning “Breakfast With Friends” show which has attracted over 22000 text message interactions with listeners of all ages and races over the past 12 months.

Nurden Cross was appointed as Station Manager in March 2015, and comments as follows:

“Overall I am excited to be at CCfm and I am in awe of how the Lord has used this ministry over many years as a tool to grow His Kingdom. I believe the Lord has PLACED me and PREPARED me to assist in taking the calling and vision of CCfm to new levels of EXCELLENCE and INFLUENCE.

I see the physical position of CCfm as being significant. I see it as one of the GATEWAYS to the city of Cape Town. Our studios are located on the old Main Road in Muizenberg, an access point to the south peninsula villages of Kalkbay, Fish Hoek and Simonstown. Two significant international sporting events take place, literally on our door step – the runners of the Two Oceans Marathon and the riders of the Cape Argus pass right by our building.

Historically Muizenberg was seen by the invading British troups as a key gateway point to securing the Cape as a British Colony. In 1795 The Battle of Muizenebrg was fought against the Dutch Cape Colony. An amphibious landing by the British was made on 7 August. A short battle was fought at Muizenberg, and skirmishing between British and Dutch forces continued until September when a larger military force landed and soon the Cape became a British Colony.

When praying about whether to take up a leadership position at CCfm the Lord used this verse to confirm for me that this was my next step in my journey of serving Him:

“Go through, go through the gates; prepare the way for the people; build up, build up the highway; clear it of stones; lift up a signal over the peoples.” ~ Isaiah 62:10 ESV”

CCfm is a well-loved and stable non-profit organization and its audience continues to increase – at over 129 000 listeners according to the latest data. This makes CCfm the 4th largest community station in the Western Cape in terms of listenership numbers.

The most important measure for the station of its success is the number of people whose lives have been touched. More than 14 200 people have contacted CCFM for prayer through its prayer line, email and SMS service throughout the past year. This averages out to around 1 180 people a month, or 39 a day.

The challenge of operating a community radio station remains daunting. The cost to stay on air is in the region R486 per hour – over R4 million a year, only half which is being generated through advertising. The remainder is sourced through fundraising and the generosity of every person that makes a donation.

CCfm strives to be self-sustaining through the marketing of advertising spots and many businesses see CCfm as a vital ways to reach a targeted audience with their product and services. But additional fundraising initiatives, such as the annual Share-A-Thon, are necessary so that the station can invest in developing their studios, renovating their highly visible building in Muizenberg, and transitioning towards green energy so that the impact of load-shedding can be lessened on their 24/7 broadcasts.

The public can call CCFM on 021 788 9492 or sms the studio on 083 788 9494, or like our Facebook page “Radio CCFm 107.5/96.7 – Changing Lives for Good”